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Over the last several years, I have attended open book meetings to reduce my property value and taxes. My reduced taxes are a huge bonus and save me hundreds of dollars every year. In July of 2014, I attended an open book meeting to reduce the value of my five acres. The land value was reduced from $35,000 to $17,500. This lower value substantially reduced my taxes. In 2015, I attended an open book meeting and had the value of my improvements reduced. My taxes have been going down every year! In 2013, for example, my taxes were $3069.72. My 2014 taxes were $2719.58. My 2015 taxes were just $2599.18. Along with reduced taxes are decreased property values. That's okay with me as long as any prospective buyer doesn't use my current property values to negotiate a deal.  As far as I am concerned, you can disregard my assessed value and fair market value from the county. Those values would never be as low as they are if I did not work to reduce my taxes.



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