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The water quality is excellent! No filters or water softeners are needed. The water tastes great! We use if for our drinking water, cooking, washing, etc.. The well is about 75 feet deep. When the well driller broke through a layer of shale, he knew he hit the jackpot. EXCELLENT WATER IS PRICELESS! In 2012, a new check valve was installed in the well. The subsequent water test revealed excellent water and no problems.

Dry Basement
The basement has NEVER been wet. There is no sump pump and no need for one. When the snow melts in the spring, there are no leaks or seepage. When there have been heavy rains in the spring, summer, or fall, there has never been any water of any sort in the basement. It is bone dry!

You're probably not looking for a house for sale in the winter, but you should think about living in the house in the winter when you buy it. This house has many plus factors in the winter. The forest provides protection from the cold winter winds. There is never any snow drifing on the driveway making it easy to get out and snow blow in the winter. The house is super insulated making it very comfortable and economical to heat. There are never any ice dams on the roof in the winter. The house has vents in the soffits with the styrofoam chutes to circulate air to the ridge vent which prevents the damaging effects of ice build-ups. The septic system has never frozen or had any problems associated with winter. I also consider the conventional septic system as a plus factor over a mound system or holding tanks.

The Garage
How many garages are set up like this one? Not only is it heated and insulated, but it also has a floor drain and hot and cold running water. Not only do I wash my car in the garage in the winter, but I also wax it and change oil in the convenience of my heated garage. Check the MLS for other houses for sale and see how many have this feature. This bonus factor alone makes this house a cut above anything else on the market. Once you have this convenience, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Non MLS Listing
My house is not listed on the Multiple Listing Service that realtors use to advertise houses for sale. The house is for sale by owner to keep the price low. If a realtor is used, the fees involved would raise the price of the house. A realtor does not know the house as well as I do. I have put dozens of hours into this web site to answer a lot of your questions. I can easily answer any other questions that you may have.

A Fantastic House!!!

This is the best house, in the best location, at the best price you will find in the area. If you can find a better house at this price, buy it! This is a quality, custom built home that is immaculate. No kids. No smoking. No pets. I even have cable television available and natural gas in this country location. I must be crazy selling this house. And don't forget that the house is updated and includes an attached heated garage with hot and cold running water and a floor drain plus there is a 26x36 pole building with a cement floor! You may never be able to find another house on such a beautiful private 5 acre setting with even more land available in such a great location that is close to the school, clinic, lake, golf course, and town. Make me an offer I can't refuse before I change my mind. I love everything about my house. I wouldn't change a thing.

Why am I selling?

I have found a historic home for sale. I want a house for the antiques and family heirlooms we have collected. You can see many of them in the photos. They don't really fit the period of this house. We are now ready to make the move. I am, however, rather reluctant to sell my house because it is so fantastic, so make me an offer that I can't refuse. I know I am giving up many things I like about this house to buy an old historic home. I am looking for a non contingent offer for a quick and easy move.

For more information contact 715-485-9426

Email: harscars@yahoo.com


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