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The back of the house has a southern exposure. In the summer the overhang prevents the sun from coming in the windows. In the winter, the sun is lower in the sky and comes through the sliding glass doors to provide solar heating for lower bills.

The deck outside the dining room doors measures 14 x 16. It's a great place to eat, entertain, and relax. Everywhere you look there are gardens with flowers and shrubs that take advantage of the southern exposure.

This is one of the perennial gardens.

Tiger Lillies and Sedums decorate the landscape with color.

The lush, green grass provides ample space for outdoor activities and sets the house off from the forest.

Gardening in containers on the deck provides the sun the flowers need. They attract humming birds and songbirds to the birdbath and fountain on the deck. It's beautiful to enjoy the flowers indoors or outdoors in the summer.

The deck runs the entire length of the house. You can step out your master bedroom sliding glass door and have a seat to enjoy the day. If you're inside, the sliding glass door provides great ventilation and a wonderful view.

We do a lot of gardening on the deck. When the flowers are in full bloom, it's beautiful to see them through the sliding glass door and they provide a nice contrast to the forest background.

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